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Unique – Handmade – French

My Story

The world of confectionery is not insignificant, it rubs shoulders with all generations, soothes, calms hearts, brings sweetness, happiness and bursts of laughter…
In my distant memories, I see myself enjoying sweets after being nice… I wouldn’t tell you if I ate too much…

My experience began in my beautiful country, France, where the culinary art is second to none! These traditional confectionery recipes from the last century have been secretly passed on to me. I added my own touch, broadened the range of flavours and brought a touch of modernity.

I like to touch textures, create colours, imagine new flavours…
It’s my job, I make these delicacies with all my love. The work is done with the hands so that the taste buds have fun!
I like the ray of sunshine that appears on the faces when the tasting begins!

My Philosophy

I listen and respect my clients as much as my team.
I manufacture quality confectionery by selecting products with the greatest care.
And besides, I prefer quality to quantity… taste, take time and enjoy the delicacies as much as the moment. Yes, it is allowed in small doses… Today, I hope that Isabelle Bonbon sweets will become the link of rewards, both for children and adults.

My Collection…

Entre vous et moi !

Entre vous et moi !

I am greedy for life !

I created this brand to allow a touch of surprise, a dose of quality, moments of pleasure to share.

It’s just happiness and every day it’s what makes me vibrate…

A la Folie

A small crispy stick, its texture is very surprising, light and melting. The delicate flavours have a long finish…. to better appreciate this unique moment.

A la Folie

By mistake, a small stick fell into the chocolate preparation… just long enough to say it and here it is, a new gourmet range! A light coating of dark chocolate for strength, the crispness of the confectionery and the fondant to enjoy a length in the mouth, always full of surprises.

A la Folie

On an ice cream, a cake… Do you have any other ideas?

Sucre d’Orge
& Mini

This candy sucks or crunches itself just the same. The colours evoke acidulous or refreshing scents. It’s a pleasure to taste….


Roasted Almond 

Long roasted almonds with a hint of vanilla… a small square that has an effect in the mouth, the greediest already understand !


Salted Butter

This caramel mixes with butter and salt with this incomparable smoothness. A flavor that titillates the taste buds! You are the one who talks about it the best….



With chocolate… it’s even better !

Make Every Day a Gift !

For any occasion, you will certainly find the gourmet pleasure that will appeal to young and old alike.

Whether for Christmas,
Valentine’s Day,
a wedding,
a birthday,

or just a surprise…


You will be happy to blow!

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